Love, Marriage & the Gospel


That’s what God is doing to me while preparing for this upcoming series.  When I’ve been reading You and Me Forever or watching the videos, I can hear the Lord trying to get through.  There’s so many things distracting me about marriage.  So many things that tell you “Focus on yourself.” or “Focus on now.”

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But I can hear the still small voice trying to break through all of my selfishness and my cultural norms.  The voice that says, “There’s more two life than two Hondas, a dog and an open concept home.”   Do we really believe the word of God?  Do we really believe in the WORD of God, Jesus?  Are we willing to change our lives and have them changed because of what we He has done?

I’m so thankful for people like Francis and Lisa Chan who so clearly remind us, that this ain’t it.  Eternity awaits. We have an opportunity to lay up treasure in heaven now, but will we do it?

Tonight I watched this video and it almost did me in.  It’s 13 minutes long.  But you’ve got to watch it to the end – and I mean to the very end.  Are you living for selfish pleasure or living to find your pleasure in seeking the Kingdom?

My Devotions today were from Matthew 25.  I’ve read that passage a hundred times.  But it never stops convicting me and encouraging me to passionately pursue what’s important.   If you get the opportunity to read the book or attend our series, I hope that you will let the Lord speak.  That for just a little bit you’ll set aside yourself and ask God to change your heart.

Who knows, maybe, just maybe, He will.


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